One of my passions is to teach people about Crypto, so I formed the CryptoNutz Group almost four years ago! We started bi-weekly, meetings educating people about Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain Technology. Through the CryptoNutz Meetups, we have grown to over 470 members some of which have been in this space since 2010. The level of knowledge that the members bring never ceases to amaze me and some of talent is epic! We have new people coming out every Meetup you can find us here!. We have had many prominent guest speakers over the years including but not limited to: Co-Founder of Zen Cash, Rolf Versluis, Bitcoin Ben, Founder and CEO of Veritaseum, Reggie Middleton, and many others!

We offer an incubator for all to further their crypto knowledge from the beginner learning the basics, to the developer that wants to learn about the latest blockchain technology. We have the advantage of being able to offer help from real people who have connections and experience in the IT and Crypto sectors. Access to real information from real people involved in these sectors everyday for an entrepreneur or developer or anyone is priceless 😉